We recognise and understand the significance of the increasing popularity of social media & social networking sites in the mainstream. Evidence of the impact & influence on them on the daily lives of many of us appears to be more & more common.  And for the most part, these trends & ongoing effects do not care nor discriminate as to wether or not we  may percieve ourselves to be involved in the world of social media.  

Increasingly required, a holistic approach to business is critical as the trends of consumers and social values and pressures sees the ongoing popularity of buzz words like "global", "transparency" & "eco-friendly".New Zealand businesses have embraced the internet-age with enthuaism, creativity and passion, providing many innovative and entrepreneurial showcases of just how talented us Kiwis are.   But as the "social" movement  rapidly appears to be picking up speed, like the rest of the world, we are still grappling with what that really means. Particularly when it comes to business.

Specialising in Social Media Policy, Protection & Planning, our services are customised to the various individuals, businesses and community groups we work alongside. We work in collaboration with others in our industry and across various arenas to ensure we are best equipped to help you with piecing together the puzzle of social media. Considering the various processes, functions and roles within your business, we categorise and consider three seperate and overlapping focus areas; internal, external and horizontal.   

Focusing only with concern to what is relevant & useful for you.   
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To see how we can assist you to achieve your goals or objectives more sucessfully using Social Media or to get an idea of how our Policy Templates or Advisory Services could benefit your business, contact one of our consultants by completing a Request Form here, or don't hesitate to Contact Us... 

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